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Most employees, in fact, wear ear-plugs to drown out the noise of machines constantly cutting, shaping and baking metal. Yet this is where a unique collaboration between the Cleveland Orchestra and a nearby manufacturer took root. It’s here where some of the world’s top musicians and a local producer of brass instruments first united in a harmonious partnership now garnering prestige and business around the world. Like every tale of innovation, this one begins with a problem. A few years ago, Richard King, principal horn of the Cleveland Orchestra, needed a new instrument, a replacement for the Conn 8D he’d been playing for ages. Problem was, newer versions of the widely prized horn didn’t compare with the instruments made 40 or 50 years ago. Rather than track down another second-hand horn, however, King went to Conn-Selmer, a respected maker of band and orchestral instruments, and persuaded the company to re-fashion the 8D according to principles of the original design. Before long, by late , he had a shiny new replica in his hands. But the tale doesn’t end with the making of a custom horn for one high-priority customer. At King’s suggestion, Conn-Selmer resurrected the entire model, now called C.

Vintage Trumpets

Our very first blog post of the season is upon us! Last year, we acquired a trumpet in our collection as a part of some old Wolfville School memorabilia. Conn Ltd.

eligible orders of £20 or more. Buy C.G. Conn Trumpet Outfit at Amazon UK. Additional Information. ASIN: BDPOVQI; Date First Available: 6 Feb.

The caption reads: Step Aside, Bob Burns! Chicago – The bazooka has nothing on this new instrument, called the brocophone, one-third each of trumpet, trombone and alto horn. Jean Jones tries the instrument which cost 35 cents and some old tubing and valves. Should you prefer to receive them digitally a pdf of the document 12MB along with the Power Point presentation 29MB , I can send them through wetransfer.

If you have a Paypal account, you can pay through there www. Avondale, Chicago, IL Please feel free to email me with any questions! Joe Summerhill Joe Summerhill was, in great part, the inspiration behind this whole project.

C.G. Conn Instrument Serial Numbers

Current thinking is that these marks indicate a non-standard alloy, probably only of the bell. The suspicion is that a star indicates a gold brass bell higher copper content , while a “B” indicates a “French brass” bell. None of this is confirmed at the moment July

copied a list of CONN serial numbers and approximate dates of 2-Trumpet 3-​Alto Anybody got any similar info on Alex serial numbers??

Conn Connstellation Elkhart – U. Bb Trumpet. Comes with the original good condition Connstellation case. Latches work and handle works on the case. Has the Connstellation logo. Everything with threads comes on and off real smooth. It is a great playing 38B. It has had some work done on it as shown in the pictures. It operates well. Valves and slides are smooth and there is no red rot and all threads are good. No plier marks on horn.

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It’s Conn’s iconic all nickel silver double horn that has been a favorite of professional players worldwide for over 50 years. This one’s “used”, but it looks like a new horn that’s never been played. The popularity of this superb horn means that new ones are often back-ordered at the factory with delivery time of several weeks or more.

As a 21 year old Civil War veteran, Conn invented a brass mouthpiece in for to make “C.G. Conn Ltd” – a useful dating clue to identify instruments made Trumpet model numbers include the 4-B (Symphony, New World Symphony).

Clear all filters. Apply filters. Add to wishlist. Dating back to BC, the trumpet has the highest register of any brass instrument and is usually pitched in Bb. The trumpet is probably the most recognisable brass instrument in the world and is one of the most popular with new players. The standard Bb trumpet has three piston valves, adjustable slides for tuning , leadpipe, bell and waterkeys. Usually found in concert bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles, the trumpet has a cylindrical bore, unlike its brass band brother, the cornet , which features a conical bore.

A wide range of starter models are available, the John Packer JP Bb trumpet is a common favourite and is competitively priced. Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. Brass Instruments Trumpet.

Conn-Selmer Inc. turns out classic horns for world’s best musicians

Conn Trumpets Conn Trombones Conn French Horns L egendary P e op le. Legendary Brand s. As the leading manufacturer and distributor of band and orchestral instruments, Conn-Selmer is the company behind the most prestigious brands and richest traditions in the music industry.

Locate C.G. Conn instrument serial numbers. Date, Serial #. , 1. , * – serial numbers are for student trumpet and cornets only.

Conn, Elkhart, Ind. Conn “4-in-1” 8XX This belongs to a collector friend; I did some minor repairs and spot silver plating to areas worn through to brass. All of the original pigtail crooks and shanks were still with this cornet, so I have photographed it set up for all four keys, in order. I am very interested in purchasing a “4-in-1” any condition for my own collection, in case you have one or know of one which might be available. I currently know of just one other, and it is just one serial number lower than this example.

The Conn arrived in extremely rough condition. Click on the Model Name above to see it finished. The valves seal very well, and it plays very nicely. The “A” extension is missing, but can still be set up in “C” by removing the “ladder” extension on the leadpipe.

Serial Numbers

This company began as an outgrowth of a rubber-rimmed mouthpiece developed by Charles Gerard Conn b Phelps, NY 29 Jan ; d Southern California 5 Jan in to alleviate the pain of a punched lip. In , his parents moved to Elkhart. Before his involvement with brass instruments, he fought in the Civil War as a soldier. In , he was married and had jobs as a sewing machine salesman, heath-care product salesman, silverware engraver and plater, zinc collar-pad maker for horses , and rubber stamp maker.

Conn was twenty-seven years of age in when he started playing the cornet.

Also, the serial numbers from – for the Brasswinds are for student trumpets and cornets only. Data for the years to March is rather sketchy, for.

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Trumpet B-flat: Conn “Vocabell”, Elkhart, IN | The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music

Click here to view. Charles Gerard Conn was born in upstate New York in As a 21 year old Civil War veteran, Conn invented a brass mouthpiece in for which patents were soon granted. The story goes that Conn devised his original mouthpiece after suffering a split lip in a bar brawl and, wanting to continue to play cornet in a local band, came up with a rubber rimmed mouthpiece “a cushion for the lips,” Conn called it that enabled him to play comfortably. Having developed a process to vulcanize rubber to metal, Conn soon started manufacturing his mouthpieces, at first in humble premises over a drugstore in Elkhart, Indiana.

In , convinced that he needed specialist help, Conn persuaded a skilled French instrument maker, Eugene Dupont, to leave his employ at the Distin company in England and bring with him a small team of craftsmen.

Conn 38B Connstellation trumpet, page, Vvery rare and appreciated trumpet from the professional production of C. 5 hours ago · Conn Brass Serial Numbers.

Once upon a time, Pat Olguin had a web site called “The Benge Nut” that one day just disappeared as a result of disturbances, convulsions, and mergers in the force. This humbly takes its place. Photo on this page courtesy Paul Ayick. Check out Paul’s photo archives. He started cornet at age 7, and played in several dance bands while in high school and went on the road his last year of high school.

The Chicago Period. He then moved to Chicago where he played in the Chicago Symphony and other local orchestras. Around , in the basement of his house on Berwyn Avenue on the northwest side of Chicago, he started to make copies, with some improvements, of F. Besson trumpets, which were nearly universally played in large orchestras at the time Vincent Bach’s and Dominic Calicchio’s first trumpets were also copies of F.

In , he sold his first custom built trumpet to a fellow member of the Chicago Symphony trumpet section. At that time he manufactured the horns in the basement and lacquered them in the kitchen. He used parts from other makers for several years.

Take the Coltrane: Al McLean, Conn F Mezzo Soprano Sax