Liam Payne reveals ‘difference’ between girlfriend Maya Henry and Cheryl relationship

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‘Harry Styles said he didn’t care about age, but I rejected him- I’m old enough to be his mother’

Auditions for the seventh season took place throughout June and July Simon Cowell , Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole returned as judges, along with special guest judges that were brought in to replace Dannii Minogue, who was on maternity leave. Cheryl missed the auditions in Manchester and bootcamp because she had malaria. Before his audition. He made it to the judges’ house, but Simon felt he was not ready for the competition, and asked him to come back in two years.

Harry Styles — long renowned for his enigmatic love life — is one of them. We dive into his dating history & current situation. was 31 and he was 17, Flack received death threats from One Direction fans, notes the Daily Mail.

But what exactly went down between them, you ask? Why did they break up? Who else did he date? And is he seeing anyone at the moment? So grab some popcorn and buckle up because boy, has it been a wild ride! Scroll through our gallery to uncover everyone Niall has ever dated and what went down between them. Love J? Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for fun, exclusive videos with your favorite stars.

Fans went into a frenzy on July 4, , when they noticed Niall and a mysterious brunette cozying up in some of his friends Instagram Stories. He attended a Fourth of July party, and the girl was by his side the entire time. Get this — even had her arm around him at one point! So who is his rumored new girl? Amelia has spent a lot of time getting to know Niall at his London apartment after lockdown restrictions eased.

Amelia even shared a selfie with Niall to her Snapchat on Sunday, July 5, and boy, did they look cute together!

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Subscriber Account active since. After a Twitter user posted a series of screenshots suggesting that Henry was actually 18, not 19, Payne himself responded to the tweet — and caused a significant amount of backlash for saying that Henry was actually “19, don’t believe everything you read on the internet,” complete with an eye-roll emoji. Most people pointed out that a relationship between a year-old and a year-old was still slightly weird — especially considering that Payne and Henry have reportedly been together for a year, which would mean that they met and started dating when she was just Other users joined SexAtOxbridge in taking things a step further, agreeing with her analysis of Payne and Henry’s relationship.

himself an age limit – he won’t date anyone older that his year-old mother The One Direction star, who previously dated year-old TV.

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When it comes to relationships, it’s best not to judge. Same sex, long distance, open – all entirely up to you. But there is an exception to that rule, and it’s when someone starts dating someone who is under the age of Chris told Caroline that he’d originally thought the age gap of eight years was too large for he and Harley to be a viable prospect. Caroline then replied ‘there’s nothing wrong with an age gap. In theory, she’s right. Personally I love an age gap – my husband is 11 years my senior and he’s one of the youngest men I’ve dated.

But there is a big, fat, important caveat about age gaps: everyone involved should be an adult. Once they turn 18, they are legally an adult’ – though the age of consent in the UK is Unfortunately for her, Caroline’s Love Island comment reminded viewers that back in she dated Harry Styles. At the time he was just 17 years old. The world has changed since , post MeToo the conversations we’ve had about sexual appropriacy have altered the way we look at relationships, and as such the relationship between a 31 year old woman and a 17 year old boy seems pretty shocking.

If a famous year-old man was seeing a teenage girl who wasn’t legally old enough to drink or have a credit card, there would be outrage, and rightly so. Even back in , when Chris Evans 34 married Billie Piper 18 the reaction was one of horror.

UK Band One Direction will host the ultimate high-flying dinner date on a British Airways jet.

Some celebrities just can’t catch a break from the rumour mill. Harry Styles — long renowned for his enigmatic love life — is one of them. The year-old only has to be seen with a woman for them to end up on his rumoured dating list but confirmed relationships have been few and far between. Fan fiction aside, here’s everything we know about Harry Styles’ romantic relationships in The singer was recently spotted holidaying in Italy and by the looks of his photos, it seems like the hot new couple is Styles and his overgrown quarantine moustache.

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Birthdates : Zayn Malik – Jan. But over the past 12 months, the lads have exploded with the force of a supernova, becoming an inescapable pop phenomenon that’s hot enough to incinerate any obstacle in its universe. The numbers speak for themselves: In November , One Direction saw their sophomore release “Take Me Home” top the charts in in countries around the world and became the only U. In , 1D placed an impressive six songs on the Billboard Hot chart more than any other group this year.

One Direction upped the ante in August, when their spunky pop-rock single “Best Song Ever” debuted at no. And even though the world is already at their feet, the fantastic five have no intention of slowing their roll.

Liam Payne corrected people who accused him of dating a minor, but his critics are still unhappy

They’re not talking — but you certainly are. On Wednesday, we posted some compelling evidence that Swift and Styles might be linked up Exhibit A: This video , in which 1D rib their bandmate about Taylor during an MTV News interview , and fans certainly had their opinions on the potential pair. Many readers chalked it up to one more dude caught in the Taylor Swift rumor mill. But even if you care, these rumors have all been false.

Isn’t she dating that guy from ‘Les Miserables’? I mean Zac Efron.

1, (age 19); Louis Tomlinson – Dec. One Direction upped the ante in August, when their spunky pop-rock single “Best Song more than $62 million to date, making it one of the biggest concert films of all time. To simplify subscriber access, we have temporarily disabled the password requirement.

I made her cry once and felt like the lowest life form in the universe. All you wanted to do was go to sleep, but frankly Louis had different plans for you. When the hug wouldn’t work, he’d try to make you laugh. When he came, you guess would cuddle and kiss here and there. They’re just reactions Liam – “Babe, I’m so sorry, come over here, don’t leave me” he says getting teary eyed himself. I was just mad at somethings. Yes, same as girls.

He thrusts the dvd in your face and you shrug, finally giving in. So next time you feel like the dam is about to burst, go ahead and open the floodgates. Your eyes get big, you didn’t think he thought that, you never really said anything because you thought he knew you loved him.

Harry Styles and his bevy of cougars – from Nicole Scherzinger to Caroline Flack

Geordie Shore’s Chantelle Connelly shows off new bum following surgery. Larry Stylinson is more than a bromance: It’s a lifestyle. Well, according to some.

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The charter flight will be given the original flight number BA1D. They will be joined on the exclusive sky-high date by eight lucky fans who will have the chance to win tickets in a competition being launched on social media sites today June Each of the eight winners will be able to take two guests on the hour-long flight, enjoy lunch on board, chat with the band and have photographs taken with them. At least one passenger in the group must be 18 years of age or older. The flight plan is a closely guarded secret and winners will be met in central London and taken to an undisclosed airport to board the aircraft.

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Camila Cabello Parties With One Direction – Dating Louis?