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After Josh Sundquist lost his leg to childhood cancer, he went on to do, well He became a Paralympic ski racer, a motivational speaker, and a comedian. He also happens to be a top-notch Halloween costume architect. This year, Sundquist dressed up as the thing you usually see right before you’re about to watch an animated movie and cry for 90 minutes: The Pixar lamp — perhaps our greatest source of light in this dark, dark world. In a video posted on his YouTube channel, you can see how Sundquist crafted his de-light-ful costume and view a montage of his incredible costumes of years’ past, including a partially eaten gingerbread man, a flamingo, an iHop sign, and a Dairy Queen Blizzard. All are equally hilarious and make us want to step up our costume game tenfold.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Update: Alright guys, I have to head out to yoga now, but thanks for your awesome questions! This was fun! Please check out my youtube channel for new content from my every Tuesday. We should hang out sometime! I lost my left leg to cancer when I was 9 and grew up to be a ski racer at the Paralympics. Ask me anything! Also, a shout out to talaqen for my first reddit experience in this post. MolzYeowie karma UTC.

Josh sundquist dating cousin in law

Love is not the problem here, you don’t need movie or story book love to be in a functioning and productive relationship. I on the other hand, had never even been on a date. I cared when I was younger but then just stopped caring as I got to my mid-twenties. I haveI’m 25, and I have never fallen in love.

Comments: • Responses: 44 • Date: 11/2/, AM source Here’s that that looks like: So how did you find out that you dated your cousin? i never found a video with the full story.

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Stop what you’re doing and look at this guy’s Pixar lamp Halloween costume


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